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Technical Specifications

General Specifications (All Modes)

Output Signal
Maximum Output: ? 10V .
Oscilloscope Input: Suitable for an input impedance of 1MOhms in parallel with < 30pF.
Trace Position: Wide range DC offset control within control box.
Max. Circuit Voltage: 300V Cat II (on AC line circuits). 600V Cat 1 (on uncategorised secondary circuits inside equipment).
Max. Tip Temperature: 150oC maximum allowable temperature at probe tip.
Conformance: Complies with EN61010-1 & EN61010-031
Bandwidth Control
Switch Position:           Full                500kHz                2Hz
Nominal Bandwidth: DC to 5MHz     DC to 500kHz      DC to 2Hz
Risetime:                    <70ns             700ns                 175ms
Aberrations:                <+/-5%             <+/-1%                  <+/-1%
Noise (Typical)*:        6mA rms        3mA rms           1.5mA rms
* This is the noise level for current measurement using the Toroid attachment. For PCB track measurement the equivalent noise will depend upon the track width and gain setting but will be similar to the Toroid measurement figure for a track width of 0.5mm.
HF Performance (bandwidth switch at Full)
Propagation Delay: 60ns typical (to 10%).
Bandwidth: DC to 5MHz (small signal)
Slew Rate: 15A/us (equivalent).
Overload Indication
Indicator Threshold: Indicator LED within control box will light if output voltage exceeds +/- 10V or if large magnetic fields cause the system to saturate.
Power Source
Power Supply: 5.2V at up to 5 watts from AC line adaptor (supplied).
Probe Dimensions: 155mm x 38mm x 28mm max; 2.8mm x 1.8mm at tip
Cable Length: 2m from probe tip to output BNC
Conformance: Complies with EN61326

Magnetic Field Measurement (Mode = Field)

Scaling Factor: 250uT (or 200A/m) per Volt.
Accuracy and Linearity: +/-3%
Maximum Field: +/-2.5mT (2000A/m).

Current Measurement using Toroid (Mode = Wire)

Scaling Factor: 1 Amp per Volt.
Accuracy and Linearity: +/-5%
Current Range: +/-10mA to +/-10A (DC + peak)
Max. Wire Diameter: 3.5mm (unbroken) or 6mm (end fed)

Current Measurement in PCB Tracks (Mode = PCB Track)

Scaling Factor: Adjustable to 1 Amp per Volt for track widths 0.2mm to 3.5mm (0.007" to 0.14") and 2 Amp per volt for track widths 3mm to 6.5mm (0.125" to 0.25") using Calibrator and compensation graph.
Sensor Spacing: 0.7mm distance from sensor to PCB track set by probe design.
Calibrator: Built-in calibrator within the control box providing an AC or DC calibration current through a 0.5mm track.

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