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  PSA Series 5 feature tour - Logging of data, traces and screens
 The logging function*

The logging function enables information from the sweep to be captured within log files.

The information recorded can be the centre level, the peak level found in the sweep, the whole trace, or the whole screen image. 
Up to 25,000 entries can be stored per file.  The large internal disk (1.8GB) provides enormous log file capacity.

Entries can be made every sweep (continuous) manually (key press), at timed intervals (from seconds to hours), or in response to an external trigger signal or the internal limits comparator.

Entries are time stamped from the real-time clock, and each log file includes a header describing the set-up of the instrument.

Log file analysis is done on a PC using PSA-Manager software.

* The Logging function requires option U02.

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