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  PSA Series 5 - Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers PSA3605 & PSA6005

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  PSA Series 5 feature tour - Live, View and Reference Traces
 View trace and Reference trace

A view trace (white) and reference trace (mauve) can be displayed simultaneously with to the live trace (green).

The View trace is an "instance" of the live trace saved to a non-volatile buffer each time the View key is pressed.

Any number of traces (live or view) can be saved to memory and rapidly recalled to the screen as a reference trace.

The trace state (frequency, level, RBW etc.) is saved within the file in addition to the trace itself, and can be recalled separately if required.

Markers can be used on the view trace as well as the live trace.

The graticule can be dimmed or turned off completely.

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